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this was actually for a portfolio im submitting to one of the universities im going to attend (I HOPE I GET ACCEPTED VIA SCHOLARSHIP PLS GUYS HELP ME BY PRAYING THANKS)
i also uploaded a 8-min speedpaint of this (starting from the pink guy’s bits of shading till the finished coloring) it’s available right here!
im sorry for not finishing you guys’ requests (and also my babangtan blog) sooner its just that im really busy with school and enrollments ughh i’ll positively finish them as soon as i can!!!
feel free to ask me or tell me what you guys thought of this drawing through my message box! thanks a lot for the attention!!!!



boop > A <
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the idiot and the servant;
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Anonymous said: Do you accept requests to draw OCs?

yes yes i do!!1 just give me the link to your ocs’ design! o u o

" even though the sky greets the sun everyday,            he always greets the other with a new dusk "
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what if i make another ask blog about south park??

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i just honestly think that even though jimin is all smiles and hyper and happy and all squishy and cuddle and greasy ugh but he hides his other feelings and even his thoughts really well so even if jungkook or just literally anyone started to tease him way out of line, he would just smile awkwardly and walked away
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{ web of lies } by telepooptation
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